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Museum Milestones for January, February, March 2020

a large long train on a track with smoke coming out of it
Alna Center Pavilion: A portion of the pavilion was erected and roofed during the quarter.

Car Barn Extension: The extension generally was dormant due to life events, but work on it resumed in March.  The walls were framed for windows.

Grand Reunion Photo Events: Two “Grand Reunion” photo events were held, in January and February, bringing together all 5 surviving Maine two-foot gauge locomotives for the first time.  Photographers from all of the US (and a few overseas) came and saw SR&RL, Monson, B&SR and WW&F trains, as well as the 13-car doubleheaded “mega train”.  The Collaboration equipment was put to good use.

Two Feet to Tidewater!  A book long out of print, the third edition of Two Feet to Tidewater by Register and Jones was released.  Please visit the giftshop page for your copy.

Coronavirus: As the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US, work at the Museum slowed to a crawl.  Many volunteers are waiting at home for it to all end.