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Museum Milestones for April, May, and June 2020

a truck is parked in front of a house
One would think that due to all the closures, that there would be no progress this quarter.  One would be wrong.  While it is true that all public train operations and events were canceled, some progress was made on a few fronts.

Car Barn Extension: The extension construction picked up again at the end of March, and was largely completed (except for the big doors) by the end of May.

Mountain Extension: As restrictions began to loosen up, crews began ballasting the Mountain on Saturdays, which was to have occurred during the canceled Spring Work Weekend.  Approximately two-thirds of the unballasted track south of the bridge was ballasted.

Locomotive 11: During the stay-at-home orders, a working group met online each week to chart the course of the locomotive’s construction.  Materials were ordered, taking advantage of the reduced price of steel.