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Museum Milestones for October, November, and December 2019

a train traveling down train tracks near a forest
The Mountain Extension: at the Fall Work Weekend, track laying brought the head of track over the Trout Brook Bridge and within a few hundred feet of Maine Rt 218.  #9 steamed across the bridge on Sunday and Monday.  There was some ballasting that was done in November.

Alna Center Pavilion: a pavilion donated from Maine Maritime Museum in 2018 (and removed by WW&F volunteers) will be reassembled at Alna Center.  In preparation for that, a half-acre parcel was acquired at Alna Center next to our lot and the lot was cleared of trees and graded.  Foundation post holes were dug, but because of frost setting in only 9 were dug.  Concrete was poured in the holes, and posts were installed.  Most of the material from the pavilion has been moved from Sheepscot station to Alna Center station.

The Narrow Gauge Collaboration: restoration work began on B&SR Tank car 14 with the removal of the tank and dismantling of the existing car, the wood of which was too far gone to be saved.  The car has been completely rebuilt, the tank sanded, repainted and placed back on the car.  Locomotive B&SR #8 arrived in December and was placed on a newly constructed track off of the turntable, where it will sit as a display piece.