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Mixed Train Sunday

Journey through history aboard a WW&F mixed train

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Youth Ages 4-12
Child Ages 3 and under

About the Experience

For nearly as long as there have been railways, there has been a special type of train that serves the sparsely settled, rural locales they run through. Called the mixed train, it was often found on less busy branch lines, shortlines, and especially narrow gauge railways. Mixed trains combined the haulage of freight with the transport of passengers into one train. Typically, the freight made up the majority of the train with a single passenger car (or even a caboose) to accommodate the passengers that would be making a journey.

For most of the WW&F’s existence as a common-carrier railroad, trains ran as mixed trains. The mixed trains were lifelines for the communities they served, carrying a multitude of things from mail, produce, milk and passengers to gossip and news from other towns along the line. Unlike most passenger trains, mixed trains were not as strictly concerned with following a set schedule- their timing was often dictated by how much freight was being loaded and unloaded and the whole affair had a more casual, unhurried approach than you usually associate with trains. There was often time during stops to pick berries, catch up on the latest news, share a story, or even take a nap.

On Mixed Train Sunday, the WW&F offers a recreated mixed train- not chiefly to move freight or passengers- but instead to give our visitors a unique insight into how the rural economy of the Sheepscot Valley and other similar environs the world over functioned and interacted with the world in a before reliable road transportation.

Your journey will begin at Sheepscot, where your conductor will give a short introduction to the WW&F Railway and mixed train operations. The mixed train will depart Sheepscot headed northbound to receive and deliver freight, railroad cars, and passengers at each stop along the way. Passengers are encouraged to leave the passenger car at stops to take photographs, stretch their legs, ask questions and interact with the crew. Along the way we’ll share stories and experiences to learn a bit about how ‘small-time’ railroading worked to serve small communities like those along narrow gauge railways of Maine. We ask that our passengers exercise caution while on the railway by staying clear of the tracks and expecting movement of trains at any time.

To help complete the experience aboard the WW&F’s mixed trains we welcome our visitors, should they choose, to wear historical attire to complete the scene. Vintage attire from the 1890s through the 1930s would all be ‘at home’ aboard WW&F trains.

Note: Due to the nature of this intimate, interactive, and immersive experience, only 28 passengers (per day) can be accommodated.  Tickets must be reserved in advance and typically sell out.

About the Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway

Ride over the Sheepscot Valley’s Narrow Gauge Railway aboard a historic steam train for a trip back in time. Explore our facilities and workshops where exploration is encouraged and inquisitiveness is rewarded. Experience the nearly-lost art of running and maintaining a steam powered narrow gauge railroad.

Passes, Vouchers and Discounts

We will be pleased to honor passes redeemed as the base portion of the train fare on the Mixed Train Sunday. Upon checkout, please select the appropriate discount for a Lifetime Pass, an Annual Pass, Alna Resident, or similar pass.