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Museum Milestones 2016

a truck driving down a dirt road
Locomotive 9 in Operation, Locomotive 10 Down for the Count: Locomotive 9 took over operations for Locomotive 10, which in January was discovered to have a defective boiler, dating back to its construction.  These problems had been discovered in all of the other boilers on the Maine two-foot engines.  Rather than chase down problems, it was decided to reboiler the engine.  To keep costs down, as much will be done in-house as is possible, and the boiler will be largely rivted not welded.  To that end, an Allen Portable Pneumatic Riveter that’s in our collection was refurbished and put into service.  We are partnering with Boothbay Railway Village (who has the boiler “R” stamp) to build it.Boxcar 67: The boxcar was stripped of rotted wood.

Car Barn: The new car barn received its track end doors.  All tracks in the barn and leading to the barn were ballasted and tamped.  And, of course, it’s full.  Most of the barn got painted.

Turntable: A Queen Truss turntable was constructed for the Sheepscot yard.  A pit was dug, and a concrete foundation poured.  Massive Douglas Fir beams arrived on site, and after treatment with preservative was assembled into the turntable structure.  During Fall Work Weekend a borrowed crane lowered it into place.  The turntable was put into use at the end of the weekend.

Top of the Mountain: Trees were cleared from the Top of the Mountain area west of the existing tracks, to make room for an additional siding and eventual shingle mill and saw mill.  The switch for the siding was installed, and a couple hundred feet of siding was built.

Down the Mountain: Crews built 600 feet of track down the Mountain during the Fall Work Weekend.

Rail Delivery: Approximately 1.5 miles of rail was delivered from defunct railroads in Wisconsin and Illinois.

36th National Narrow Gauge Convention: Augusta, Maine, hosted this annual convention.  Many visitors from the Convention visited the Museum, for which we were open the entire week of Labor Day.  Much interest was generated and many became members.