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Museum Milestones 2017

a view of the inside of a building
Boxcar 67: The boxcar was brought to a state of near-completion, however the project paused as additional grab-irons were sought, in addition to door tracks and an impervious roof.
Car Shop: The car shop got a makeover: concrete floors, fewer support posts (supported by I-beams), and a clean up.  A future coach construction project prompted the work, as the car builders wanted a level, hard surface to work on (as opposed to stone ballast).
Coach 8: The car received a handicap door, which will enable wheelchairs to be loaded into the car.  This makes it a second handicap-accessible car.Loco 10: Some boiler pieces were flanged.

Mountain Roadbed: Two four-foot culverts were installed immediately north of track by volunteers, and track laid over the spot.  Two other culverts were installed further down the hill, to facilitate future grading efforts.

Photo Ops: Locomotive Monson #3 (from Maine Narrow Gauge) re-visited the WW&F for a winter photo op, alongside WW&F #9.  Trains were run over 3 weekends during the winter.  #3 helped out during Easter and for our Spring Work Weekend.

Trout Brook Bridge: One of the largest coups of the year was the acquisition of a free bridge.  The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges owned the former Boston & Maine RR Moose Brook Bridge, and was looking for a home for it (its former location had been filled with a bridge already).  It came in kit form, and was assembled in our parking lot, supervised by Tim Andrews of Barns & Bridges of New England.  The bridge is a Howe Pony Truss, and is “covered” in that the trusses only will be covered to protect them from the weather.

New Workflats: Two new workflats arrived: 1014 is a small (square) steel workflat, similar to another we have.  1015 began life as a small equipment highway trailer, and was modified to run on two-foot gauge.  1014 is a good car to hold supplies, 1015 will haul our excavator and bulldozer.