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News Update 3 – Gathering Momentum



Thanks to Sara “Ironhorse” Kammeraad continuing to help spread the word on all places social media.

In less than three weeks, we’ve raised almost $5700 online! We’re gaining momentum on this project.

Shipping Update: Ballast Cars

The shipping company and Sandstone Estates are currently in the process of making arrangements to load the cars, to be shipped out of Durban So. Africa. We’ll continue to post updates as they become available.

Fabrication Update: Excavator Cart

Recall, this initiative is part of a broader effort to mechanize certain aspects of our railway maintenance. Central to this is the fabrication of a rail cart on which a new excavator (donated by The Candelaria Fund) can safely traverse our narrow rails. Unfortunately, one critical component is no longer available, so we’ve chosen a different unit, different supplier, and are redesigning some parts to accommodate this new component.