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Museum Milestones 2018

a building with a grassy field
The Mountain Extension: Tree clearing occurred on The Mountain in the winter (the grade north of the end of track), and between ME Rt 218 and Trout Brook.  Grading was done on the area between 218 and Trout Brook, so that bridge prep work could happen.   Assisted by WW&F volunteers, crews from Verney Construction and Chesterfield Associates readied the bridge location, then on September 8 the newly assembled bridge was moved from the Percival House parking lot by road to the bridge site and moved into place.   From the south, roadbed stabilization work proceeded, including “the slide”, an area that had slumped downhill 13 years previously.  During Fall Work Weekend, track was constructed down the hill to the end of the prepped trackbed, about 1400 feet.  A rail crane was constructed to facilitate this, allowing safe distribution of ties and rail to the work site, while spiking crews followed close behind.  This work had to be expedited because of the Town of Alna’s Shoreland Zoning ordinance mandated a 2 year work period.Other Trackwork: Spring Work Weekend saw work done on relaying track on Davis Grade, about a half mile from Sheepscot.  The track was removed (using horses and flatcar 118, reminiscent of scrapping in 1937), the area ditched and stone regraded, then replaced with new ties and existing rail.  This raised the trackbed in a historically wet area.

Caboose 320: The caboose cupola was repaired.  Years of outdoor storage and softwoods used during construction had caused rot between the cupola and the carbody.  The softwood was replaced with Douglas Fir, and should remain solid for years to come.

Car Shop Improvements: Work began to insulate the interior of the car shop, so that it could be heated for year-round inside work.  Ceiling crane rails were extended and added.