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WW&F Railway Museum Equipment Roster

For the roster of the historic 1894-1933 Railway, please click here.

Our Museum started with a single historic car at our founding in 1989:  WW&F Railway flatcar No. 118, courtesy of the late Alice Ramsdell of West Thompson, CT.  Her father Frank Ramsdell and his friend William Monypenny had saved WW&F’s 118, along with  WW&F boxcar No. 309 and WW&F locomotive No. 9, following the railway’s 1933 closure.  Flatcar 118, which was used in the disassembly of the railway in the 1930s, was the first our Museum restored and has been used ever since to rebuild our railway.

Since then, our collection has grown tremendously, through our restoration efforts and construction of new cars to historic car plans.  Our latest work is the construction of a new passenger car (coach No. 9) to the design of historic car W&Q No. 2 and a new steam locomotive (No. 11) to the design of historic locomotive WW&F No. 7.   Both projects are now well underway.

Thanks to our friends at Alna’s Maine Locomotive & Machine Works (ML&MW) and Portland’s Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. and Museum (MNG), we are now also hosting several cars and locomotives from their collections.  This collaboration reached a milestone in January 2019 with the establishment of the Narrow Gauge Railway Collection.

Here we present the roster of our Museum’s collection as well as the equipment on display as part of the Narrow Gauge Railway Collection and other visiting equipment.

 Motive Power

WW&F steam locomotive No. 9 is the last surviving locomotive from three of the five Maine common carrier two-foot gauge railroads:  the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes; Kennebec Central; and Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington.  Thanks to owner Dale King, Alice Ramsdell’s nephew, we were able to restore her to service in 2015 after last steaming over 80 years before.

No. Builder Bldr’s # Built Acq’d Wght Wheel Arr. Type
4 Leon Weeks n/a 2007- 2010 2010 2 tn. 4 Model T Railcar
9 Portland Co. 622 1891 1995 18 tn. 0-4-4RT Steam
10 Vulcan Ironworks 574 1904 1999 12 tn. 0-4-4RT Steam
11 WW&F Ry. Museum TBD 2017- TBD 28 tn. 2-4-4RT Steam
51 Brookville 3233 1947 1994 1.5 tons 0-4-0 Gas-Mechanical
52 Plymouth 6290 1962 1996 12 tn. B Diesel-Hydraulic


Passenger Equipment

Wiscasset & Quebec No. 3 is the last surviving historic coach from our Railway.  Once we complete construction of WW&F Coach No. 9, we plan to restore No. 3 to its 1894 splendor.

Car Number Builder Built Built For Acq’d Notes
W&Q Coach 3 Jackson & Sharp 1894 Wiscasset & Quebec RR 1999 Leased from MNG 1999-2010, Purchased 2010.
WW&F Coach/Combine 8 Edaville RR 1985 Edaville RR 2005 Nee Edaville Coach No. 26.
WW&F Coach 9 WW&F Ry. Museum 2018- WW&F Ry. Museum Under construction.
WW&F Caboose 320 WW&F Ry. Museum 1998 WW&F Ry. Museum 1998 Constructed to 1901 plans.


Freight Equipment

Our collection includes two historic WW&F cars:  flatcar 118 (restored in 1992) and boxcar 309 (restored in 1997), as well as others built to historic Railway plans (TCDA dairy car 65 and flatcar 126).

Car Number Builder Built Built For Acq’d Notes
TCDA Dairy Car 65 WW&F Ry. Museum 2012 WW&F Ry. Museum 2012 Contains an exhibit on the railway and the Turner Centre Dairying Association creamery in Wiscasset.  Usually on display at the Creamery Pier in Wiscasset.
WW&F Boxcar 309 Portland Company 1894 Wiscasset & Quebec RR 1995 Restored in 1997.
B&SR Boxcar 56 Portland Company 1898 Bridgton & Saco River RR 2018 Donated by MNG. Undergoing restoration.
B&SR Boxcar 67 Laconia 1905 Bridgton & Saco River RR 2015 Donated by MNG. Rebuilt 2015-2019.
WW&F Flatcar 118 Portland Company 1912 WW&F Ry. 1989 Restored 1992.
WW&F Flatcar 126 WW&F Ry. Museum 2006 WW&F Ry. Museum 2006 Parts used from Edaville excursion car 202.
B&SR Flatcar 34 B&SR 1886 B&SR 2018 Rebuilt 2019.
B&SR/SOCONY tank (minus car) B&SR 1899? B&SR 2007 Originally mounted on B&SR flatcar 21? To be restored.


MOW Equipment

This maintenance-of-way equipment helps us build and maintain our Railway.

Car No. Builder Built Notes
1 WW&F Ry. Museum 1994 4-wheel wood flat, scrapped 2007.
2 WW&F Ry. Museum 1994 4-wheel wood flat, scrapped 2003.
Handcar 1 WW&F Ry. Museum 2006 Hand pump car.
Handcar 2 WW&F Ry. Museum 2008 Hand pump car; Includes original WW&F pump handle.
1001 Koppel Unknown 4-wheel steel dump car.
1002 & 1003 Koppel? Unknown 4-wheel steel dump chassis (2 cars).
1004 Koppel? Unknown 4-wheel steel dump chassis; fire-fighting equipment added 2006.
1005 Russell St. John 1997 4-wheel steel flat.
1006 Russell St. John 2000 4-wheel wood flat.
1007 Gary Recave 2005 4-wheel steel flat, with compressor and air tank.
1008 “Big Joe” WW&F Ry. Museum 2009-2012 Air-powered tamper car.
1009 Mike Fox 2012 Right-of-way mowing car.
1010 “Ichabod” Fairmont Unknown Regauged Fairmont W-64 Derrick Crane car.
1014 Mike Fox 2016 4-wheel steel flat.
1015 Mike Fox 2017 Equipment transport car.


The Narrow Gauge Railway Collection

On Friday, January 25, 2019, our Museum and the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company and Museum announced an unprecedented collaboration: The Narrow Gauge Railway Collection.

This exhibit is hosted at our Museum.  It includes several pieces of equipment owned by Maine Narrow Gauge (MNG).  Four cars make up the Core Collection: Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes parlor car Rangeley, SR&RL combination car No. 14, Bridgton & Saco River coach No. 16 Mount Pleasant, and B&SR caboose No. 32. MNG has helped fund an expansion of our Sheepscot Car Barn to exhibit these cars.

Depending on Maine Narrow Gauge’s operational needs, items from this collection may be found in Portland on any given day.

Name/Number Builder Built Built For Notes
SR&RL Parlor Car 9, Rangeley Jackson & Sharp 1901 Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR Core Collection.
The only historic US two-foot gauge parlor car ever built.
SR&RL Combination Car 14 American Car & Foundry 1903 Franklin & Megantic RR Core Collection.
Originally F&M combine No. 3.
B&SR Coach 16 Mount Pleasant Billmeyer & Small 1882 Bridgton & Saco River RR Core Collection.
B&SR Caboose 32 Laconia Car Company 1882 B&SR Core Collection.
Renumbered by the B&SR to 101 in 1902.
Monson Locomotive 3 Vulcan Iron Works 1913 Monson RR In service for special events.
Monson Locomotive 4 Vulcan Iron Works 1918 MRR On display by the Sheepscot turntable.
B&SR Locomotive 7 Baldwin Locomotive Works 1913 B&SR On display in the Sheepscot car barn.  In service for special events.
B&SR Locomotive 8 Baldwin Locomotive Works 1924 B&SR On display by the Sheepscot turntable.
SR&RL Coach 19 Billmeyer & Small 1890 Phillips & Rangeley RR Originally P&R No. 2.
B&SR/SOCONY Tank Car 14 Portland Company 1903 B&SR Restored by our Museum and MNG at our Museum in 2020.
B&SR Snowplow 2 B&SR 1900 B&SR


Other Visiting Equipment

Over the years we have had the opportunity to host many pieces of Maine two-foot railroad equipment, courtesy of several friends, including Boothbay Railway Village, Maine Locomotive & Machine Works, Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. and Museum and Owls Head Transportation Museum.  We are currently hosting the following cars from Maine Locomotive & Machine Works and Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. and Museum collections:

Car Number Builder Built Built For Notes
Franklin & Megantic Coach 2 1903 F&M Later SR&RL No. 21, then Edaville No. 21. Owned by ML&MW.
MNG Excursion Car 103 Edaville RR 1963 Edaville RR Built using parts from a B&SR flatcar or boxcar.  Owned by MNG.
ML&MW Excursion Car 130 Owned by ML&MW.
ML&MW Caboose 554 Edaville RR Edaville RR Built using parts from a B&SR boxcar.  Owned by ML&MW.
MNG Flatcar 205 Edaville RR ? Edaville RR Former Edaville excursion car, likely built using parts from a B&SR boxcar or flatcar.
B&SR Boxcar 51 B&SR 1890 B&SR Recently restored by ML&MW.
B&SR Boxcar 54 1895 B&SR Recently restored by ML&MW.
B&SR Flanger 40 Maine Central Railroad 1913 B&SR Owned by MNG.  Under a 5-year lease, to be restored in our Sheepscot shops.

Occasionally you may also find other Maine two-foot gauge equipment on our Railway, as cars are transported in and out between our transfer ramp in Sheepscot and Maine Locomotive & Machine Works’ shop ¾-mile north.