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Museum Milestones for October, November, and December, 2020

a house covered in snow
Pavilion: the event pavilion at Alna Center was completed on December 26, which included roofing, reinforcement, and some side boards near the top and on the ends.

Public Operations: October saw very popular Pumpkin Trains to Top of Mountain station, where passengers were met with tractor-drawn wagons to take them to SeaLyon Farm for pumpkin picking.   Passengers were socially distanced, and trains were very well attended.

B&SR Boxcar 56: This boxcar was surplused from Maine Narrow Gauge a year or so ago, and given to the WW&F.  The car entered the shop to be torn down and reassembled.   By the end of the year the car’s roof and walls had been removed.

B&SR Boxcar 67: The boxcar roof was sheathed in tin, completing the restoration.

Coach 9: The superstructure framework has been assembled on the car, which is still on blocks.

Australian Tamper Machine: Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteer Wayne Laepple, a donation of a Vibratool tamper from Wilmar Sugar Refining in Queensland, Australia was procured.  It boarded ship in Brisbane on November 18 and arrived in the US just before the New Year.  This is a production-quality tamper used on the heavily-used Queensland sugar cane system.