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Museum Milestones for April, May, and June 2019

a house with trees in the background
Rolling Stock: Several pieces of rolling stock received attention:

  • B&SR Flatcar 34 was completed and put into service in time for the Spring Work Weekend.
  •  MNG Flatcar 205 had passenger platforms and needed refurbishing.  As part of the collaboration, the car was delivered and during Spring Work Weekend the platforms were removed, proper end beams and draft gear were installed, and the car was presented for service the last day of Spring Work Weekend.
  • B&SR Boxcar 67 was returned to the shop to have its doors installed.
  • TCDA 65 was returned to Sheepscot from the Wiscasset waterfront to make space for crews to do work around the Creamery pier.

Special Events:

  • Easter was successful, despite threatened rain, with MNG 3 and WW&F 9 in service.
  • Spring Work Weekend hauled flatcars of stone down The Mountain for ballasting.  Most of the new track got stone, much of it has been tamped.
  • Our first Mother’s Day Tea was held the Saturday before, and was well received.
  • A May Evening Talk was held on Narrow Gauge Theory.
  • Alna Day was held early June
  • The first Concert of the summer was held with Darlin’ Corey in mid-June.

Track and Grounds: a drainage catch basin was installed by the restrooms, and drained toward the car barn, which was landscaped to provide better drainage.  Material excavated from the drainage was used to build a roadbed for a ramp track between the restroom and garage.  Work has also started to expand the car barn, as part of the WW&F/Maine Narrow Gauge Collaboration.