Work Car 1010 – Crane Car

In approximately 2007, a standard gauge Fairmont W-64 Derrick Crane car was donated to the WW&F Railway Museum.  The car was dismantled in 2008, with the idea of regauging it, but once the car was dismantled, the project languished until volunteer Mike Fox decided to take it home and regauge and refurbish the car body, in Spring 2012.

After considerable scraping of paint, and moving of frame members because of the regauging, the car was re-assembled and repainted in Safety Yellow.  The car was returned in December, 2012, and the crane itself was reattached and painted.

Crane Car 1010, aka “Ichabod”, with refurbisher Mike Fox setting it up for use. Photo courtesy of James Patten

See the progress of work on the car here, on the Discussion Forum.

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