Work Car 1001 – Tipcar

Tipcar #1001, during track construction in 1997. Photo courtesy of James Patten.

This tipcar belonged to the WW&F, and was one of a fleet of tipcars bought by Frank Winter to haul fill for stabilizing the Wiscasset wharves.  It was taken to the Ramsdell property along with everything else, to be used in the construction of the amusement park.

It was brought up to the Museum in 1995, and was put back in working condition the following year.  It has been used on occasion in ballasting efforts along the side of the track, where non-railroad vehicles cannot go, or to haul fill.

The car was renumbered in a work car numbering plan in 2012, and was given the number 1001 in recognition of the fact that it was one of the earliest work cars on the property.

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