Coach 8

WW&F Coach 8. Photo courtesy of James Patten.

WW&F coach #8 began life as Edaville #26, having been built by the Edaville shops in 1985.  It was torched by vandals in early 1986, and was rebuilt by June of 1988.  The rebuild was patterned after the Maine Two Footers.  The coach remained in Edaville after the 1992 shutdown, and continued to run there during the various reincarnations until 2004, when the railroad was greatly shortened.  The operators determined it surplus and so it was purchased by the WW&F Railway Museum in May 2005, specifically because it greatly resembled W&Q Coach #4, the Smoking Car (built 1894, burned 1901).  This was the first passenger car to arrive on the railroad in almost 100 years.

The car arrived at the WW&F in mid-October, 2005, just in time to be put into service for the Halloween trains the following weekend.  The coach needed minor work to get it into service, including platform repair, which was done the day it arrived.

The car has benches placed along the side walls, with a partition of sorts in the middle.  Before the 2006 operating season it underwent some work, including repainting, relettering, window frame work, and other repairs.

Edaville Coach 26, in 2004, before sale to the WW&F. Photo courtesy of Savery Moore.

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