Locomotive 52

WW&F Locomotive #52, with snowplow. Photo courtesy of John McNamara.

In late 1996, the Museum bought a Plymouth diesel locomotive.  The engine was built in 1962 for Carpenter Technologies, in Pennsylvania, for their yard.  This engine, number 52, at the time gave the Museum the pulling power it needed for a fully loaded train.  The engine has, since purchase, been fitted with knuckle couplers, running boards, and had a snow plow built for it for the winter months.

As built, the specs for the engine is listed as a DDT-6 with a GM 4-71 engine, 160 HP, wheel arrangement B, weight 12 tons, Diesel fuel, and torque converter drive.

52 is newly arrived on the property. Zack Wyllie poses beside it. Photo courtesy of Bruce Wilson.
52 has been painted, mid-1997, but before running boards were put on. Photo courtesy of James Patten.

When steam is not run, this locomotive does the work.

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