Model T Railcar

Passengers enjoy a ride up the line in our Model T railcar. Stephen Hussar photo.
The Project

This project was primarily the work of one of our volunteers, who built a Model T railcar, resembling the SR&RL/Edaville Railcar #2.  The car seats about 5 to 7 people.  It has been assembled from various Ford Model T parts.  It includes a built-in “turntable” under the car which allows the car to be rotated so that it can always face forwards when running.

The railcar has become a popular addition to our museum since being put into service in 2010.  During the busy summer season, the railcar often runs as a “second section” 5 to 10 minutes behind the steam train.  During the off season, the railcar often substitutes for the regular train, when there are only a handful of passengers.  The car is also used to transport volunteers to various work sites along the line, and is very popular during museum special events.

Details during the railcar’s construction can be found here.

The project leader was Leon Weeks for the carbody and engine, and Jason Lamontagne for the running gear.

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