Two Steam Trains Running this Saturday As We Remember the Great War!

Steam crews put two historic Maine narrow gauge locomotives to bed the day before Easter in this April 20th photo by Brendan Barry.  Maine Narrow Gauge’s Monson Railroad No. 3 is seen in our shop’s bay 3 along with our WW&F No. 9 in bay 4 after a busy, fun day.

Maine Narrow Gauge’s MRR No. 3 will be running this Saturday as well as our WW&F No. 9 as we join the 103rd Regiment Living History to celebrate our service men and women this Memorial Day weekend.

After leaving the state of Maine in August 1917 and serving in France for over a year in the Great War, the men of Maine returned home in May 1919.  From here they would have to readjust back to the life of a civilian.

Join the 103rd and our Museum as we remember these Maine servicemen a century ago.  Come see the 103rd’s military encampment and experience soldier life 100 years ago at Alna Center.  Learn how our home front was affected by the Great War.

Steam trains will depart our Museum’s Sheepscot station at 97 Cross Road in Alna, Maine, Saturday, May 25th at
10:30 AM • 10:55 AM • 12 Noon • 12:25 PM • 1:30 PM • 1:55 PM • 3 PM
for the journey back 100 years to Alna Center.

On Sunday, May 26th, WW&F No. 9 will depart with her train from Sheepscot station at
10:30 AM • 12 Noon • 1:30 PM • 3 PM
Diesel trains will depart Sheepscot at
10:55 AM • 12:25 PM • 1:55 PM
if diesel train crew and equipment are available.

Our passengers are welcome to stop at Alna Center both Saturday & Sunday and spend time with the 103rd.  You can then get on any later train to ride our line to the end of track at Top of the Mountain, or return south directly to Sheepscot.  Last train of the day departs Alna Center back to Sheepscot a little after 3.30 p.m.

Regular train fares apply.  As always, fare for active and retired military is $1 less.

Maine’s 103rd prepares to board a WW&F train as they embark for the Great War in Europe in this photo recalling their departure for Europe in 1917.  Join the 103rd this weekend on the Sheepscot Valley Narrow Gauge as we remember our veterans this Memorial Day weekend.  Photo by Stephen Hussar.