Our “21 Campaign” Surpasses Our Goal!

On December 5th, our 21 Campaign exceeded our stated goal of $130,000! We thank our many contributors for the achievement of this important milestone in an ambitious fundraising campaign.

The 21 Campaign was established in the spring of 2016 after examination of WW&F locomotive #10’s boiler revealed defects that would require extensive mitigation work or replacement. Historic steam locomotive #9 had been returned to service after an 80+ year slumber the prior December, so the decision was made to take the extended downtime to replace #10’s boiler.

So why did we call our fundraiser the 21 Campaign? Once #10 is back in service a new steam locomotive, #11, will be built from scratch. #11 is a reconstruction of original WW&F Railway’s locomotive #7! Our 21 Campaign’s goal has been to provide the funds needed to construct the new boilers of both #10 and #11, hence 10+11=21!

This latest goal was accomplished by our generous members and friends while the Museum simultaneously funded and completed other ambitious projects. During this time period our Annual Fund Drives also raised over $280,000, funding our Mountain Extension and Trout Brook Bridge, among other important projects.

Our Museum invites those who have contributed along with those with an interest in the work of the 21 Campaign to consider providing continued support of the 21 Campaign, bearing in mind the formidable work ahead of us in bringing the construction of #11, a new steam locomotive built to 1907 Baldwin Locomotive Works specifications, to fruition. These continued donations will first ensure completion of the two boilers, after which additional funds will be reserved for continued work on locomotive #11, helping ensure that as the construction of #11 gets underway in earnest, a dedicated source of funding is readily available.

This summer and fall our volunteers have been busy rearranging and improving our shop building to resume work on #10 over the winter. We look forward to an exciting 2019!

Thank you!