Thank You, Mystic Valley Railway Society!

Mystic Valley Railway Society Director Joseph McDonough presented the announcement that our Museum was one of two recipients of the Society’s 2018 W. Russell Rylko Memorial Award. Member Bill Reidy accepted the grant on behalf of our Museum.

Today the Mystic Valley Railway Society announced our Museum is one of two organizations that are recipients of the 2018 W. Russell Rylko Memorial Award. Russ Rylko was the Society’s founding President 48 years ago and had a direct impact on the Society’s success over the following 43 years, until his passing in 2013. To honor Russ’ legacy, MVRS has presented the W. Russell Rylko Memorial Award annually since 2015.

The MVRS presented our Museum with a $6,100 grant to aid in completion of the renovations of the historic Moose Brook Bridge and its relocation to serve as our Trout Brook Bridge on our Mountain extension.

In addition to our Museum, we are very pleased to learn that Boothbay Railway Village is the other recipient of the 2018 W. Russell Rylko Memorial Award. MVRS has provided a $3,900 grant for use in Boothbay’s restoration of Bridgton & Saco River coach #11. B&SR #11 has been on loan to our Museum for the past year and a half and has served well during winter photographic trains and other special events. We’ll miss #11 when she heads back to Boothbay, but we look forward to when she emerges rebuilt from Boothbay’s shops!

We are very grateful to the Mystic Valley Railway Society and the Russ Rylko family for their support of our Museum. Thank you!