Help the WW&F while Holiday shopping online!

Planning to do some online shopping for the Holiday season? Then why not help the WW&F Railway Museum while you shop!

There are several online shopping “portals” that will donate back to your favorite cause (like the WW&F). They don’t add any cost to your purchase, and you don’t need any special software (In fact, if a website states you need to download something, try a different shopping portal). Almost every major online retailer is listed on one or more of these web sites, including “brick and mortar” stores like Walmart, specialty sites like AbeBooks, and travel websites like and Orbitz. The WW&F has been listed on all of the major portals for several years.

While our Museum doesn’t make a ton of money with these, every bit helps! Since we’ve been signed up with these services, we’ve received about $1,100 in total donations!

The WW&F is registered at:

Please keep this in mind whenever ordering anything online, especially during the upcoming Christmas shopping season. Thanks!