Thank you, NRHS!

The National Railway Historical Society has announced our Museum will receive a $3,000 Railway Heritage Grant to help us equip locomotives and rolling stock with an Eames automatic vacuum brake system. Automatic brakes are an important safety feature as our railroad continues to expand. The automatic system will engage the brakes if the cars separate while running. The single control in the locomotive gives the engineer better control of the train.

The original WW&F used vacuum brakes on their locomotives, and #9 has that restored system. Eames patented an automatic vacuum brake system but it was never fully developed due to his untimely death. Our Museum will fully develop the system. Combine #8 already has the system, but testing has yet to be completed. Original W&Q coach #3 will receive a restored system, and locomotives #10 and #52 will receive the equipment as well.

The WW&F Railway Museum officers and members thank the NRHS for choosing our project to support with the Railway Heritage Grant. In the past NRHS grants have provided funds for engine #9’s planished iron boiler jacket and our ongoing mainline extension.