Saturday, December 6 Trains FYI

Our normal train schedule for Saturday, December 6 2014 will be suspended, due to needing “all hands on deck” for the erection of roof trusses for our new car barn.

The scheduled roof truss erection has been postponed due to inclement weather until Saturday December 13 (weather permitting, as always). So trains are back to being scheduled to operate. However with the cold rain we will be surprised if anyone shows up for a ride!

Locomotive 9 Steam Test!

After 5+ years of restoration work, Locomotive #9 reached a critical milestone today – a steam test of the boiler and appliances.  While the locomotive is no where near ready – as you can see from the pictures, it’s missing the cab, the tank, and a bunch of other little things – the test was necessary to check for steam leaks.  The boiler had undergone several hydro pressure tests in preceding weeks, which helped to eliminate other leaks.

Rick tends the fire. The buckets contain coal.
Rick and Jason (standing) test the Eames Vacuum brake steam parts, while Eric (seated) applies graphite to the backhead.
Hansel blows the first whistle of #9 coming back to life.

We anticipate operation in 2015.

For more info see this post on our Facebook page.