2014 Fall Work Weekend Coming Up

Columbus Day Weekend – October 10 – 13 (Friday through Monday) – is the Museum’s annual Fall Work Weekend.  We have many projects lined up for the volunteers.

Volunteer crews spiking track in 2003.  There's 4 spikers in this picture.
Volunteer crews spiking track in 2003. There’s 4 spikers in this picture.
  • Main line track extension – we will be laying track northward on our main line, and constructing a run-around switch.
  • Painting – the restrooms need painting.
  • Car storage shed – we will lay the foundations of the car storage shed (concrete pillars) and may even be able to start erecting poles.
  • Locomotive 9 restoration will continue
  • Meals – the Museum provides lunches all four days, and suppers Friday through Sunday evening.

Passenger trains will be operating on Saturday and Sunday, however the schedule will probably be off due to work crew supply needs.   If you would like to ride that weekend, please allow extra time in your schedule.

This will be the last weekend of steam-powered trains until our Victorian Christmas celebration in December.

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

If you’d like to say that you were “workin’ on the railroad” then come on by to help out!  We can use labor of all kinds, skilled or not.  As long as you are reasonably mobile we can use you.  Work starts around 7 AM and ends most days around 5 PM.